Graphenea: graphene synthesis and opportunities in Post Li-ion batteries

J. de la Fuente
Graphenea Inc.,
United States

Keywords: graphene, graphene oxide, Li-S batteries


During the past years, advances in Graphene synthesis have opened new research and industrial applications to the landscape. Outstanding properties of Graphene films and powders, homogeneity, industrial-scalability and reproducibility are the main drivers for the development of new Graphene based devices. Most applications to date have been focused in the Energy Storage applications mainly in batteries and ultracapacitors. Specifically, Li-S batteries will be presented. Using Graphene materials to enhanced electrodes has yield in an significant performance improvement for these devices. In order to evolve to the next step to develop early stage technology products some key success factors have to be considered. The key success factors to move forward in the development of the Graphene industry will be presented and discussed.