PbTe particles: bright and stable IR emitters up to 3 µm

J. Niehaus, K. Poulsen, H. Weller

Keywords: QD, IR, PbTe


Here we present our results for PbTe. Because of its smaller bandgap in combination with a huge exciton bohr radius the emission of these particles can be tuned in a wide range up to 3 µm depending on the particle size. We have developed a synthesis route based on the “hot injection” principal. We present the influence of different precursors, the Pt/Te ratio, different ligands and solvents on the size and shape of the produced PbTe particles. By optimization of these parameters it is possible to produce monodisperse and crystalline particles with a diameter between 3 nm and 30 nm. In contrast to the common PbS synthesis reaction times can influence the diameter of the particles, too (see figure 1). We will show TEM studies, absorption and emission as well as quantum yield measurements and stability tests to highlight their potential for all applications requiring bright and stable emission in the IR. We will also compare these results to the better known PbS system.