Nano Crystalline Cellulose (NCC), Bio-building blocks for tomorrow’s materials

S. Lapidot
Melodea Ltd.,

Keywords: nano crystalline cellulose production applications


The world is looking for novel material with superior performance from renewable resources as alternative to fossil oil based materials. Nano Crystalline Cellulose (NCC) is a primary building block of the cell wall of all living plants. NCC are transparent nano particles, stronger than steel which makes them an excellent bio building block for production of innovative eco-friendly materials. Melodea Ltd. is a pioneer in the development of an economically viable industrial process for the production of NCC from wood pulp and the sludge of the paper industry. Melodea is also developing NCC applications in variety of fields. During the recent years we have scaled up our production in an industrial pilot facility in Israel and developed a proprietary Sulfuric Acid Recovery Procedure (SARP™) which enables the recovery of up to 95% of the sulfuric acid used in the sustainable and economical production of NCC. In 05/2015 it was announced that Europe's first NCC pilot facility will be built in Örnsköldsvik Sweden based on Melodea’s technology. Melodea’s develops NCC coatings applications with industrial partners for gas barrier in packaging and for friction reduction in O-ring seals and sports products. In addition we develop NCC as an additive for reinforcement of corrugated board packaging materials. NCC foams are developed for insulation and as cores for sandwich composites. The foams are light and strong along with excellent fire reaction and thermal insulation properties comparable with fossil oil based foams. A foam production pilot line is being set up during the coming months supported by two European projects (FP7) (BRIMEE, NCC-Foam). Melodea has been a partner in another FP7 program which focused on flax and hemp based composites (FLHEA) , in which Melodea’s NCC significantly improved the mechanical properties of poly-lactic acid (PLA) used in food packaging. Melodea’s published patents and applications: 1. Method for production of cellulose nano crystals from cellulose-containing waste material US 20130131332 A1 2. Cellulose-based composite materials. US 20130171439 A1 3. Porous nanocrystalline cellulose foam structures US 2015114630 4. Nanocrystaline cellulose as absorbent and encapsulation material WO 2015145442 5. Nano crystalline cellulose in construction applications WO 2015177795