Matrix-Mediated Crystallization of Explosive Materials in Crosslinked Polymer Network

S. Lee, T. Moon, K. Kwon, J.S. Kim, J. Kim, O-S. Kwon, K. Shin
Sogang University,

Keywords: Crystallization, explosive materials, crosslinked polymer matrix, RDX, gel


We have used crosslinked polymer network as matrix for crystallization of explosive materials to make polymer bonded explosive (PBX), which is advantageous than explosive powders without bonded polymer in terms of the reduced sensitivity to external mechanical stimuli such as impact or friction and the enhanced processability in macroscopic shaping. By controlling physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of hydrogel matrix, we could obtain explosive crystals that exhibit different morphology, size, quality, and crystalline structure when compared to those formed in the solution crystallization. The resulting explosive crystals embedded in polymer matrix were analyzed by microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and thermoanalytical methods to determine morphological feature and crystallinity of explosive crystals and loading capacity of polymer matrix.