Trapping and Amplification of Light in Coupled Plasmonic Nanocavity Arrays

W. Zhou
Virginia Tech,
United States

Keywords: plasmonics, nanophotonics, noble metal nanoparticle arrays


Strongly coupled plasmonic nanocavity arrays can support a new type of subradiant lattice plasmon resonances, which exhibit very narrow resonance line-widths, good spectral tunablity, and high local field enhancement. By surrounding plasmonic nanocavity arrays with a gain medium and overcompensating the losses, ultrafast plasmonic lasing action can be enabled with good emission directionality. The innovations discussed in this talk could be inspiring for the development toward integrated nanosystems for applications including ultra-compact optoelectronics and nonlinear-optics devices, handheld point-of-care diagnostics platforms, and lab-on-a-chip biomedical architectures.