Active Materials Synthesis and Formulation for Functionally Printed Devices

S. Williams
Rochester Institute of Technology,
United States

Keywords: flexible electronics


Our research focusses on functional materials development for incorporation into actuating and sensing devices. In collaboration with Dr. Cormier’s group and RIT Engineering, our unique expertise is on translating functional device technology from the laboratory bench to production scale fabrication using the printing method. In many cases, active nanomaterials require redesign and re-imagined synthesis strategies in order to precisely deposit a target functional material using established printing tool platforms. Novel ink formulation strategies are often required to handle the different rheological demands that a selected printing process may present. We are currently working on two research paths – (1) the synthesis and deposition of electromechanical compositions such as PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate, see Figure 1) using the Sol Gel method, and (2) the synthesis, characterization and pattern deposition of metal organic decomposition (MOD) metal systems for printable electrically conductive interconnects and conductivity grids