The Dawning of the Age of Graphene

I. Fuller
Angstron Materials,
United States

Keywords: graphene


Graphene, first patented in 2002 and popularized in 2004, has been called a “wonder material” due to its immense array of attractive properties. Ideally consisting of a single carbon atom thick honeycomb-like structure, graphene has demonstrated the potential to significantly impact application areas ranging from energy storage to thermal management, from composites to electronics, from protective coatings to biomedical, and everything in between. With such a significant potential demand for this nanomaterial, scores of companies and universities have been developing manufacturing technologies for the production of graphene at a scale and price point suitable for commercial, industrial, and military uses. Angstron Materials is at the forefront of this research, and one of the leaders in the push to commercialize graphene nanomaterials. Founded in 2007, Angstron has established a 300 metric ton graphene production capacity, the world’s largest. This production capacity brings significant economies of scale and, therefore, can support large volume demands from a variety of end users. Angstron has developed a product pipeline that spans from next generation product development to large-scale commercial production of graphene-enhanced products. Similarly, Angstron’s customers are utilizing graphene for over 100 applications with graphene-enhanced products expected to be commercialized and “on-the-shelves” in 2016.