Occupational exposures to nanoparticles along the life cycle of nano-enabled products: A decade of research in perspective

D. Bello
University of Massachusetts, Lowell,
United States

Keywords: EHS, nanomaterials, ecological impact


This presentation will provide a summary of a decade of research in assessing exposures to engineered nanomaterials in occupational settings in a historical context. Drawing from the author’s personal experience with the first center/s for right rate nanomanufacturing, evolution of exposure assessment to ENM will be presented in the context of nanotechnology development from the bench to large-scale commercial products and will include occupational exposures to raw materials, during the life cycle of nano-enabled products, and end-of-life scenarios. The presentation will focus on major classes of ENM (CNTs, metal oxides, and other carbonaceous materials, including emerging 2D ENM) as well as examples of more exotic technological applications of ENM. The earlier seminal papers on metrology and dose metrics will be used as a guide. The presentation will address several questions: What are the main findings? What have we learned? And where are we heading?