Creating New International Markets for Renewable Materials: Why BioPreferred®?

R. Buckhalt
U.S. Department of Agriculture, US

Keywords: renewable materials, biobased products


Biobased products manufactured from agricultural, forestry or marine materials are attractive for their technical qualities as well as their potential renewability, biodegradability, and economic impact. Now estimated around $2.6 billion, the biobased industry is growing by approximately 15 percent annually. Biobased products are rapidly becoming part of the product mix for many industries including automotive and mass transit, chemicals, plastics, biomedical, construction, and electronics. Promising developments in research and new finished goods from biobased feedstock are helping to fuel this growth. The USDA BioPreferred® program's was created to promote the market for biobased products through a mandatory federal purchasing program as well as a voluntary product labeling initiative . Learn about recent developments in the BioPreferred® program as they partner with other U.S. federal agencies, international efforts, and business and industry to drive the bioeconomy.