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SiEnergy Systems

Renewable & Hydrogen Energy


SiEnergy is a Harvard University spin-off commercializing novel ultra-thin film low temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The technology uses inexpensive high throughput fabrication methods to create SOFCs with ultra-thin film electrolytes that operate at the commercially desirable fuel cell operating temperature (350-550°C), and are scalable to meet various power requirements. SiEnergy’s technology is advantaged against high temperature SOFCs because our design allows substantial reduction in materials cost, fast start-up, and load following capability. Our technology brings highly efficient and affordable clean energy systems for a double digit billion dollar residential combined heat and power (CHP) market, and a multi-billion dollar portable and remote power market. Our team is a mixture of young and seasoned scientists with over 30 years of experience in fuel cells materials and systems, and a solid business execution team with rich experience in technology commercialization.