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TechConnect National & Global Innovation Awards

TechConnect is proud to announce the annual TechConnect Innovation Awards. The TechConnect Innovation Awards identify the top 20% of submitted technologies as ranked by the TechConnect Corporate & Investment Partner Committee. Innovation rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have on a specific industry sector. Innovations are submitted from global academic technology transfer offices, early-stage companies, small business innovative research (SBIR) awardees, and government and corporate research laboratories.

National Innovation Awards

Submitted Innovations that have a clear U.S. federal funding history are eligible for the TechConnect National Innovation Award. The commercialization actions and success of these National Innovation Awardees will be tracked and reported back to their primary funding agency to encourage continued funding program support and to assist in accelerating the commercialization of American innovation.

Innovation Awards

Submitted Innovations that do not have a clear U.S. federal funding history are eligible for the TechConnect Global Innovation Award.. The commercialization actions and success of these Global Innovation Awardees will be tracked in order to assist in accelerating their international exposure to potential commercialization partners.

Awardee Information

National Innovation or Innovation Award details will e-mailed to the Awardees prior to the event. As an Awardee, you will be labeled as such at your Innovation Showcase booth and in all on-line material. You will also be provided with an electronic TechConnect National Innovation or TechConnect Innovation electronic award document and logo for display.

tech pictures
tech pictures

TechConnect 2013 National & Global Innovation Awardees

AnCattHeavy-Metal Free Anti-Corrosion Coating Platform Technology
Argonne National LaboratoryNanosegregated Surfaces as Catalysts for Fuel Cells (IN-07-054)
Arizona Technology EnterprisesImproved Electrolyte for Fuel Cells
Arizona Technology Enterprises (ASU)CarbonFlex, Flexible Composite Material
AVIRTEKProactive Cybersecurity
Biolom, LLCHighly Sensitive Micron Scale Multiple Biomarker Biosensor
Biotechnology Institute, National University of La RiojaPharmaceutical technology of pharmaceutical composition and pharmacology treatment for enhancement of morphine analgesia and prevention of morphine tolerance
Brookhaven National LaboratoryGold Nanoprisms Activate Catalytic Platinum
California Lithium Battery Inc.Very High Capacity Silicon Graphene Composite Li-ion Anode Material
CC Biotech LLCSeparation Instrumentation for Biomolecules
CHEMTOR, L.P.Non-Dispersive Solvent Extractions and Reactions
College of William and MaryEnvironmentally Safe Plastic Microbeads for Cosmetics
Conductive Composites CompanyConductive Composites
CONTINUUS PharmaceuticalsIntegrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM) of Pharmaceuticals
Correlated Magnetics Research, LLC.Correlated Magnetics
Cromoz IncLuminescent Water Soluble Carbon Quantum Dots for Bio-imaging and Target Drug Delivery
D-Tech, LLCIDentia - Extensible Cloud Security Solution for the Enterprise
Diazamed-CSU VenturesModular Biocompatible Materials for Medical Devices and Wound Healing Applications
DornerWorksEmbedded ARINC 653 Hypervisor for High Assurance of Safety and Security
Energy Catalysis, Inc.Direct catalytic liquefaction of low-volatile hydrocarbons to clean liquid fuels
ETH Zurich – ETH transfer (the Technology Transfer Office)Novel SiO2-based antioxidant compound with significantly extended life-time and activity
FINsixVHF Power Conversion
Firefly Power LLCInnovative blade design creating efficient and affordable micro grids.
Flex Technology IncFlex Technology Inc
framergy®Single Molecule Traps
GMT Co. Ltd.OCR type Direct Bonding for Touch Screen Panel
Graphene FrontiersCVD Graphene Barrier and Conductive Films for Flexible Organic Electronics
Griffith UniversityCircuits in Plastic Technology
HexaTechAluminum Nitride (AlN) Based Devices for smart grid and clean water
Ideal Power ConvertersEfficient low-cost micro-grids utilitizing photovoltaics and battery storage
InnoSense LLCTherm-E-Log - Visual,Temperature Exposure History Logger
Institute for Disabilities Research and TrainingA Multi-Function Glove for Harsh Environments
Japan Technology Group Inc.Operation system of laparoscope using pneumatically driven robotic holder
Kiverdi, Inc.Kiverdi Inc.
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(KITECH)Nanocellulose and its Thermoplastic Composite Material
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT)Environmentally friendly High Performance Acrylonitrile Manufacturing Process
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology(KRICT)Highly sensitive Raman-based multiplexing drug screening system
Lehigh UniversityScalable Biosurfactant Synthesis
Louisiana State UniversityPrecise Sensor Nanomaterial
Lucent OpticsEfficiency-Boosting Laminate for Solar Cells and Modules
Macro Biosystems, Inc.Membrane-based technology for bioprocessing
MalibuIQ, Architected Materials LLCArchitected Materials
McGill UniversityMagnetic cooling in semiconductors
McGill UniversityA stable and active low-cost catalyst for the replacement of platinum
Medipacs Inc.Medipacs Mini-Infuser™
Molecular Imprints Inc.Scalable Nanopatterning using Roll-based Jet and FlashTM Imprint Lithography
Morton Photonics IncOptical True-Time-Delay (TTD) Devices for Phased Array Systems
MTPV Power CorporationMTPV
Nanocomp TechnologiesCarbon nanotube sheet, tape and wire production systems
Newlight Technologies, LLCNewlight: From Greenhouse Gas to Plastic
Northern Arizona UniversityiTester Hand-Held Multi-Assay Reader
Novapeutics LLCTreating type 2 diabetes using menin inhibitors to regenerate insulin producing beta cells
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryAdvanced Lithium Ion Battery Materials
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryNovel Nanopore Membrane Technology Recovers Energy from Industrial Effluents
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryMEMS-based Pyroelectric Thermal Energy Scavenger
Opalux Inc.Photonic Ink (P-Ink)
Optima Neuroscience, Inc.CereScope™ - A Portable All-in-One Neurological Monitoring System
Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryTitanium Metal Injection Molding
PCSIFlexible Insulation for Tents and Buildings
Pedal Logic, LPPedal Signal Correction: A New Method to Increase Fuel Economy up to 10%
Penn State Materials Research InstituteBZN Pyrochlore Thin Films
Penn State Materials Research InstituteTargeted Drug Delivery System/Keystone Nano
PinMedPersonal Health Expert
Sandia National LaboratoriesMicrosystems Enabled Photovoltaics (MEPV)
SiEnergy Systems, LLCSiEnergy Systems
Solar Fuel CorporationSolar Fuel Corporation: Converting Sun, Water and CO2 to hydrogen or syngas
Stanford UniversityPeel-and-Stick Process: Fabrication process for thin film electronics on universal substrates.
StellarrayFlat Panel X-ray Sources
Svaya NanotechnologiesStructural color optical reflecting microplatelets
The Methodist HospitalA high throughput one-step assay for circulating tumor cell detection in whole blood sample
Thermal Conservation TechnologiesVacuum Insulation Panels in Stainless Steel Envelope
Third Dimension Technologies, LLCAngular Slice True 3D Display (AS3D)
UCSB Office of Technology & Industry AlliancesDiabetes Control Algorithms and Clinical Trial Software
UCSB Office of Technology & Industry AlliancesEmbedded Photonic Crystals for Use in LEDs and Lasers
University of MinnesotaLanguage Analysis Tool Detects Cognitive Dysfunction for Early Alzheimer Diagnosis
University of MinnesotaBiodegradable Polymer for Biomedical Applications
University of New Hampshire Office for Research Partnerships and CommercializationNSPECT Portable Imaging Neutron and Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (NSPECT)
Lorestan UniversityFixative of Polymerized Carbon Nanotubes Encapsulating Osmium Nanoparticles for Biological Tissue
University of Rochester, Office of Technology TransferShape Memory Polymers
University of Rochester, Office of Technology TransferFibronectin Matrix Mimetics
University of South CarolinaTransparent Silicone based nano-composites filled with inorganic nano-fillers
University of South CarolinaIII-V Nitride Microcantilever based Photocoustic Biosensor
University of South CarolinaCompositions of Degradable Salt-Responsive Copolymers
University of Waterloo - WatCoAutomated Winter Road Surface Condition Monitoring System
Uppsala UniversityCerebrolysin for treatment of neuropathic pain
National Energy Technology LaboratoryNano-Structured Nobel Metal Catalysts for Hydrocarbon Reforming
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.Fiberoptic Microneedle Device for Convection-Enhanced Thermochemotherapy of Malignant Glioma
VyyknGlobal network of drinking water filtration systems
NevadaNanoMolecular Property Spectrometer (MPS™)
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)Improved Cellulose Hydrolysis Activity


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