Information for Presenters

Oral Presentations

General Oral presentations are limited to 20 minutes, including 5 minutes for questions and answers. Those in Panel Sessions, Keynotes, Invited Speakers, or Ventures have been given alternate time limit instructions.

Standard audiovisual equipment including: PC laptop, LCD projector, screen, wireless microphone and laser pointer will be provided in each session room. AV Technicians will be available on site for assistance. Please prepare your presentation in MS PowerPoint (PPT) or PDF and bring it with you to the conference on CD or USB memory stick. NOTE: PPT presentations with external videos sometimes require special video decoders / players, and we cannot guarantee the on-site computers will have them. You may bring your own laptop; however, you will need to test your presentation before your session starts, and inform your session chair you have your own machine. Internet connections are NOT available in the session rooms. Presentations are not collected before or after the conference. If you choose to bring handouts you may do so, but you are solely responsible for their reproduction and distribution.

Sessions are strictly kept to the published time schedules. Should an author not be present for his/her scheduled talk, the session chair will break until the next scheduled speaker time.

Poster Presentations

Poster stands and tacks for mounting will be provided in the session room. The displayable area is 4 ft. wide and 4 ft. high. Posters may be assembled from individual pages or a large poster sheet. Bring your printed poster with you to the conference - we do not collect posters before or after the event. We do not post presentations for authors; each poster presentation must have at least one author present during the poster session. Each author has an assigned poster stand. Please be sure your title is visible. AV equipment, including computers or projectors, is not permitted in the poster session rooms. If you choose to bring handouts you may do so, but you are solely responsible for their reproduction and distribution.

Posters should be displayed at noon on the day of your poster session. Posters must be removed immediately after your session ends. Posters left hanging after the end of session may not be returned.

Author’s Checklist

  1. You must register for conference
  2. Optionally register for a Short Course (Monday June 18)
  3. Book your hotel room

Visas and Invitation Letters

For our international attendees, information about obtaining visas for travel to the United States is posted here.