Index of Affiliations

N12 Technologies, IncNano-engineered composites
Nagaoka University of TechnologyFabrication of controlled linear assemblies of graphite nanosheets in polysiloxane-based nanocompo...
Nanjing UniversityImpact of hydrostatic pressure on the structure and electrical properties of Ge2Sb2Te5 films for p...
Nanocoating Plasma Systems Inc.Large Area ICP Atmospheric Nanocoating System for Deposition of YSZ Electrolyte
Nanocomp TechnologiesAll CNT Lithium Based Secondary Battery
Nanocomp TechnologiesHigh Performance nanomaterial macrostructures for structural, thermal and electrical applications
NanoDimensionNanotech Innovation - From Lab to Fab
NanoInk Inc.High-Throughput Large-Area Direct-Write Nanofabrication with Full Automation
Nanoink, Inc.Direct Printing of Nano-and Microscale Transition Metal Features
Nanolab Research CentreThe effects of bio-fluids on nanoparticle size distribution, agglomerative state and associated in...
NanoMed Targeting Systems Inc.Medical Nano-magnetic Drug Guidance
NanoMed Targeting Systems Inc.Nano-Magnetic drug targeting
NANOMETER Standard GmbHStandards of length at the nanoscale based on movement gages and their measurement with sub-nanome...
NanoPhotonicaNext Generation Flat Panel Display Technology
NanoScape AGNCap - NanoPorous Materials for Sustained Release
NanoScape AGNCap - NanoPorous Materials for Sustained Release
NanoSight USAMulti-Parameter Characterization of Nanoparticle Dispersions by Size, Count and Scattering Intensi...
Nanostellar Inc.Overcoming Hydrocarbon Inhibition on Pd-based Diesel Oxidation Catalysts with Rational Catalyst De...
Nanoworld ServicesPlatinum Silicide probes: A novel approach to manufacture highly conductive AFM probes with small ...