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The TechConnect World is the world's largest multi-disciplinary multi-sector conference and marketplace of vetted innovations, innovators and technology business developers and funders. The TechConnect World houses four world-class technical events focused on advancements in Nanotech, Microtech, Biotech, Cleantech and the technology overlap between these converging domains. As technologies commercially mature from the purely research stage, they are advanced into the TechConnect Summit and partnering programs in which IP and Early-stage companies are reviewed and selected by our board of corporate and investment partners.

Through our events and strategic partners, TechConnect increases the innovation pipeline, helps partners find new licensing and business opportunities, and matches corporate and investment partners to top vetted technologies from around the world.

TechConnect World 2012 will take place June 18-21, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

About TechConnect

TechConnect is a global technology outreach & development organization. We vet and deliver the world’s most promising technologies to the world’s top corporate, government and investment developers.

TechConnect produces publications and conferences founded upon the action of matching emerging technology with corporate and investment development partners through peer-review, mentorship and direct corporate-need to technology-solution matchmaking programs. With extensive knowledge in industry, academia, and business development, TechConnect brings only the best ideas and companies to its audience.

TechConnect is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with offices in Austin, Texas and Pleasanton, California. www.techconnectworld.com.

TechConnect Community Profile

Job Function:

       Management & Business Development 24%
       Tech R&D - Academic/Government 18%
       Tech R&D - Corporate 16%
       Tech Transfer/Scouting/In-Out Licensing 15%
       Investment - Angel, VC & Corporate VC 12%
        Professional Services/Legal 7%
       Government/NGO Economic Development 8%

Industry Focus:

       Materials & Chemicals 24%
       Cleantech & Energy 23%
       Biotech & Pharma 21%
       Electronics & Microtech 16%
       Defense & Government 11%
        IT & Software 5%

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