Charging of Nanodisks to Induce Shifts in Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance using Low Temperature Argon Plasma

M.I. Lapsley, A. Shahravan, Q. Hao, B. Krishna Juluri, S. Giardinelli, M. Lu, Y. Zhao, I-K Chiang, T. Matsoukas, T.J. Huang
Pennsylvania State University, US

Keywords: plasmonics, LSPR, nanodisk, plasma, charging


In this study, we use Argon plasma to cause negative charges to build on an array of nanodisks. It has been shown that negative charges on gold nanostructures induce a blue shift in the extinction spectrum of the structure. This methods is significantly faster than the previous method of electrochemical charging and could be used for optical devices. This method also allows one to characterize the charging effects caused by plasma. Also, the relationship between charge density and the extinction in plasmonic structures is not well understood. Studies of this kind could help shed light on the physics in this area.