Design, synthesis and investigations of mesogen encapsulated gold nanoparticles

C.H. Yu, C.J. Welch, B.J. Tang, C.J. Schubert, G.H. Mehl
University of Hull, UK

Keywords: liquid crystal, mesogen, gold


Nematic mesogen encapsulated gold nanoparticles with defined size and shapes are currently of great interest for a wide range of applications for electro-optical device or metamaterials. However the synthesis of most of the materials reported so far is quite cumbersome. Thus there is the need for new routes to synthesize more advanced compounds. A suitable strategy could be based on functionalizing the organic corona. In this contribution we report a new method to prepare gold nanoparticles with a bifunctional capping agent enabling control over their size and also act as a linking group for the connection with the mesogenic groups.