Floating Photothermal Materials to Improve the Solar Evaporation Performance

Y.Z. Ng, J.F. Yao, B.A. Horri, K. Wang, Y.Z. Wu, D. Li, H.T. Wang
Monash University, AU

Keywords: photothermal, solar evaporation, floating


Water scarcity is an urgent problem around the world. A material that absorbs solar energy and transfers it to thermal energy can be useful and has the potential for use in the solar evaporation process, increasing the efficiency and then reducing the capital costs in solar evaporation pond. We have demonstrated the water evaporation enhancement by using photothermal materials. In particular, floating materials like Fe3O4/C particles with around 2% Fe3O4 enhanced the water evaporation rate by as high as 180% in the solar evaporation of 3.5% salt water under 1000 W m-2 sunlight intensity due to their photothermal property. In addition, these materials showed stable evaporation rate even after three recycles.