Luminescent Terbium/Europium chelates-based Silica Nanoparticles : Stability and Incorporation Efficiency measured by Radioactive Probe

N. Wartenberg, O. Raccurt, M. Mazzanti, D. Imbert, E. Bourgeat-Lami
Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, FR

Keywords: radioactive probe, organolanthanides, luminescent nanoparticles


We describe an original method based on europium-chelated radioactive measurements to investigate and compare the incorporation (by a reverse microemulsion-mediated sol-gel process without covalent bond) and the stability of two different organolanthanides into silica nanoparticles. In addition, scanning transmission electron microscopy in high angle annular dark field mode was used to locate the rare earth atoms inside the silica particles. We demonstrate in the present study that the chemical nature of the ligand has a strong impact on the organolanthanide localization inside the particles, which in turns influences the final concentration and stability over leakage. Besides, we point out the reliability of the radioactive method over classical ICPMS technique.