Effect of CuO/water nanofluid in the enhancement of convective heat transfer for electronic cooling

P. Selvakumar, S. Suresh
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, IN

Keywords: electronic component, thermal management, CuO/water nanofluid, convective heat transfer enhancement


In this work CuO nanoparticles are synthesized using sol gel technique and water based nano fluids of two different volume concentrations are prepared. Thermal conductivity and viscosity are measured. A copper heat sink having rectangular macro channels is used for the heat transfer study. Enhancement convective heat transfer and pressure drop are studied experimentally in turbulent flow regime. * Synthesis of CuO nanoparticles * Preparation of CuO/water nano fluid * Convective heat transfer studies in electronic heat sink * Pressure drop and pumping power determination of Nanofluids and comparison with water * Development of correlation of Nusselt number and friction factor