Jonathan Pearl


President & Chief Scientist

Primary Industry: 

Electronics, Sensors & Communications

Executive Summary: 

The greater precision and accuracy of Perceptral’s patent-pending Acoustic Perceptual Event (APE™) segmentation permit a virtually endless variety of voices, accents, styles, and personalities to emerge from a smaller set of recordings than existing technologies permit. Perceptral will transform speech just as Pixar revolutionized graphic animation. Breathtaking strides in Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as IBM’s Watson and Apple’s SIRI are diminished by their disappointing computer-generated speech. Virtually every animated character or avatar in use today relies on recorded speech. Voice is a rapidly emerging domain, but existing players have reached a plateau in development. The industry is over-consolidated, a harbinger of stagnant R&D, as less competition reduces the pressure for innovation. Some have enormous resources to throw at the problem, but they simply don’t know how. Engineers and computer scientists dominate the field; but their toolkit is exhausted. This provides Perceptral an outstanding opportunity to wield our new tools, deliver innovations, disrupt the existing field, and position ourselves to capture large swaths of the emerging market for speech-enabled applications. Imagine a world where ubiquitous speech synthesis can instantly translate your words into a different accent or foreign language spoken with your own voice. Perceptral will make that dream a reality.