Polyradiant Corp.




Hailiang Wang



Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

Polyradiant unique process of fabricating nanowire based flexible transparent composite sheets provides a cost effective solution to transparent electrodes in a wide range of applications including transparent electromagnetic shielding, touch screen, OLED lighting and displays, and thin film solar cells. The process is based on our propriety in-situ polymerization and transfer technology. It is low temperature, ambient pressure and cost effective process. With our unique process, one-sided, two-sided, continuous and patterned electrode can be fabricated. High transparency and low sheet resistance exceeding the performance of ITO electrodes coated on a flexible PET substrate are obtained at a fraction of the cost. The surface roughness of the composite electrodes is less than 5 nm. Time consuming and polluting photolithography process for patterning can be fully eliminated .When used as electrode for organic light emitting diodes, the efficiency of OLED device can be enhanced by 100% compared to ITO control OLEDs. Our business model will be based on business to business (B2B) selling continuous and patterned sheet mostly to large display manufacturers as well as touch display makers.