N12 Technologies, Inc




Jeff Sabados



Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

N12 Technologies, Inc will be leaving Prof. Brian Wardle’s Lab at MIT in May 2012 after having signed a 5 year $300,000 joint development and supply agreement. N12 is at the pre-commercial stage with seed investment with a strong management team. N12 has secured the exclusive licensing rights to eleven (11) MIT patents and patents pending filed since 2005. N12's products will reduce the weight of certain composites by 25%-35% while increasing conductivity. Our products will enable multi-functional composite applications with de-icing, lightning strike protection and structural health monitoring capabilities for a $32B composite materials market by 2018. Products: Nanostitch™ is placed in-between layers of fiber material during composite fabrication to reinforce in the z-axis while providing conductivity and reducing overall weight. Inclusion of Nanostitch has provided at least 300% increase in toughness and 25%+ strength. Fuzzy Fiber™ is placed on individual fiber tows to provide reinforcement and distribution in the x-, y- and z- axes. Inclusion of Fuzzy Fiber has improves a composite by >70% in steady state and increases out-of-plane conductivity 10,000,000 times Market: By 2018, the composite materials market will grow to $32 Billion.