MAR Systems Inc.


Ohio, US


Anthony Lammers



Primary Industry: 

Environmental, Water & Waste

Executive Summary: 

MAR Systems, Inc. a Clean Water Technology company, has co-developed with the US-EPA, a patented proprietary adsorbent media that removes dangerous, heavy metal contaminants from aqueous streams with its SorbsterTM brand of products. The Sorbster media is highly effective in removing hazardous heavy metals such as mercury, selenium, chrome and arsenic, thus reducing industrial emissions to the environment and assisting clients in solving the conflict between industry and the environment. MAR is initially targeting the industrial market for mercury and selenium removal with multiple chemical plant pilots and has one commercial installation in place. Additionally, MAR has expanded to the refining industry, the energy sector, specifically coal fired power plants, and also the municipal waste water treatment market. The combined US market opportunity for these markets is conservatively estimated at $1.4 billion annually for mercury treatment alone. In addition, the Sorbster brand product line shows promise in treating produced waters from fracking and MAR expects to be piloting in this market in 2012. MAR’s Sorbster media also show promise in treating gaseous streams, including coal-fired electrical generators and industrial incinerators; the development and piloting of these applications are scheduled for late 2012.