Kiverdi, Inc.


California, US


Lisa Dyson



Primary Industry: 

Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary: 

Business Description: Kiverdi upgrades carbon-rich waste into sustainable oils and oil-derived chemicals that are direct replacements of petrochemicals and oleochemicals needed for products like plastics, detergents, and fuel additives. Kiverdi’s proprietary bioprocess uses carbon-rich waste from a number of sources including industrial flue gas, crude glycerol and syngas from landfills, wood waste or biogas as a feedstock for producing higher-value, lower-cost oils and oil-derived chemicals. Our high feedstock flexibility and proprietary high-yield microbes enable us to produce our chemicals at a fraction of the cost of chemical catalysts and offer our customers predictably higher margins, increased supply certainty and sustainability than the incumbents, while allowing us higher profitability than our competitors. Proprietary Carbon EngineeringTM Platform: Kiverdi’s custom-built bioreactor and bioprocess is co-designed with our proprietary microbes to optimize and scale our unique low temperature, low pressure, low cost technology that converts carbon-rich waste into drop-in and custom oils and oil-derived chemicals. Kiverdi’s Carbon EngineeringTM Platform consists of integrated engineering, bioinformatics and analysis tools optimized for a fast path to targeted oils using carbon-rich waste. Kiverdi’s technology has been jointly developed with the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs with Kiverdi as owner and assignee of the IP.