Nanocomp Technologies




Michael Gurau

Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

Nanocomp Technologies is a NH-based manufacturer of high performance CNT based sheets, tapes, and yarns that are the highest performing, commercially available macro products comprised mostly or exclusively of millimeters-long CNT fibers. The Company's applications span transportation (aviation, auto), energy (storage, transmission, generation and management), consumer electronics, and others. The Company expects to see demand for its high performance material exceed supply for the foreseeable future. NT's sheets, tapes and wires demonstrate multi-functional performance and lightweight not before realized with any single material. Led by Founder and CEO Peter Antoinette, the fifty person Company has a five person senior management team and will be doubling its size in the coming twelve months. In April 2012, the Company is expanding into 30,000 sq ft of a 100,000 sq ft facility in Merrimack NH from its present 11,000 sq ft facility in Concord NH. The Company expects to realize 30-40M of DPA funding over the next three years. Coupled with Series C equity, the Company will have funds sufficient to pursue an IPO in 2014 or 2015.