Serji Amirkhanian


Director of Research and Development

Primary Industry: 

Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary: 

This concept describes an innovative new patented, Italy and USA, roofing materials designed by engineers with many years of experience in composite materials technology, engineering and operations manufacturing and international market development. The new green roofing materials aims at renewable energy market development with a new approach to roofing and building materials and components for new or existing houses with new functional and cost effective solution using composite systems. This integrated roofing system could be used for many purposes and applications including: a) residential construction; b) commercial; c) government buildings, etc. The system is based on the Polyurethane Layers System (PLS) and Adhesive Promotion (AP) technology that has been successfully applied in other industries to ensure cost effective performance.The idea for this system is to have a roof made like an appliance (refrigerator) and enough modular to satisfy the new building’s needs such as: a) Every module is a complete unit; b) No need for insulation materials; c) 100% recyclable ecofriendly; d) Wiring, piping and framing integrated into one system; e) Self-sustaining materials; f) Earthquake resistance; g) Customization available at production run.