Opalux Inc.


Ontario, CA


Paul Chan



Primary Industry: 

Displays and Energy Conservation

Executive Summary: 

Opalux’s P-Ink can reflect specific range(s) of wavelengths under precise control. This means specific colors can be displayed, or broad spectrum IR/heat waves reflected, on demand. The breakthrough is the “smart” polymer nanocomposite created by Opalux. P-Ink is one member of a family of novel and patented materials based on the natural phenomenon of structural color. This breakthrough enables the controlled reflection of a selected color in response to <1.5V DC and low current (μAs), with bistable color states. . When integrated into backplane electronics, P-Ink will become the active component in a new generation of colorful, reflective displays commonly known as electronic paper. Its advantages include unmatched brightness and color, low power, paper-like flexibility, ready scalability in product size and production volume, and highly competitive cost due to scale economies and the use of “printed” processes shared across the Photonic Color platform. P-Ink’s transparency and ability to reflect broadband IR/heatwaves also make it an effective tool to enhance energy conservation by rejecting heat on demand on buildings, vehicles and even clothing. It is truly a multi-purpose, but singularly effective material key to meeting the many goals and needs of our times.