Carol Tanner



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LightSprite LLC, located at Notre Dame’s Innovation Park, was founded by the inventers of a new nanoparticle analysis platform. Based on Laser Transmission Spectroscopy (patent pending), the LightSprite instrument is a modern USB device that provides the size, shape, and number of nanoparticles with unprecedented performance. The technology represents the first new innovation in nanoparticle analysis in 40 years, and will have a huge impact on the pharmaceutical, biomed/biotech, and environmental industries. Our transportable prototype outperforms all competing instruments on the market. With its far superior performance, LightSprite technology could supplant thousands of particle analyzers now in use. Because of the very high performance of LTS compared with existing technologies, it is destined to represent some fraction of new nanoparticle analysis instruments. Because of this, and its ability to provide a variety of bioanalytical functions such as species-specific DNA detection, we will offer the instrument as a cost-competitive product with much higher performance than existing technology. It is an adaptable platform technology which has the ability to be integrated into existing analytical tools. Our USB instrument could be offered as a stand-alone nanoparticle analyzer or as a targeted bio-analytical tool to identify DNA, antibodies, proteins, etc.