Svaya Nanotechnologies




Ben Wang


Founder and Vice President

Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

Svaya develops and delivers an integrated solution for the deposition of nanostructured thin films that enable our customers to make their products more valuable and to create revolutionary new products. The company is funded by NEA and Sigma Partners and is located in Sunnyvale, CA. Svaya is a horizontal market provider of semicustom equipment and processes (i.e., the “printer”) and formulations (i.e., the “ink”). The equipment is elegantly simple and cost effective when compared to vacuum-based techniques. The formulations are proprietary and inextricably coupled to the equipment, providing for a high-margin, recurring revenue stream. Our customers need our unique capabilities that enable strong differentiation for their products. We work closely and with our customers to understand the market demands and jointly develop a superior result through the integration of our technology. Svaya’s initial products are unique optical films for solar control in automobiles and antireflective for flat panel and mobile displays. These are massive, underserved and demand driven markets with a combined TAM of nearly one-half billion square meters per year.