Massachusetts, US


Kevin Leary



Primary Industry: 

Automotive & Transportation

Executive Summary: 

The convergence of wireless tech, mobile chip sets and powerful software environments enabled the smartphone revolution. Applying these economies with the addition of powerful imaging and GPGPU capabilities enables a low-cost, high-performance, easily-engineered, embedded machine-to-machine (M2M) solution to an emergent problem in vehicle transportation. PowerHydrant will provide automated robotic charging solutions for both the residential setting and public spaces to provide EV owners a “park-and-forget” experience. A hardware module utilizing low cost vision guided robotics, J1772 compliant plug and communication interfaces will provide the automated connection whenever the vehicle is parked in a PowerHydrant enabled spot. Wireless and Inductive charger solutions fail at high power densities. The Nvidia Tegra II or Qualcomm Snapdragon (open market solutions) integrates a powerful mix of performance and features that are well-aligned to the application needs in PowerHydrant. PowerHydrant will target and sell device HW to EV owner through established national and global retail channels. Network operation can be leased and provide revenue to Electric Distribution Companies