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Pennsylvania, US


Chris Getty



Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

MEOP is highly cost-effective, energy-efficient process that optimizes chemical reactions by focusing two unique yet distinctive energies at the point of reaction. The process produces a complete emulsification, uniformly distributing equal sizes of oil and catalyst droplets while heating it at the point of reaction creating a super critical reaction. The patented MEOP technology has demonstrated that the energy needed to produce a gallon of advanced biofuel to be 662 Btu compared to 4,912 Btu. It furthermore reduces the catalyst consumption from 0.5 percent weight NaOH to 0.2 percent weight NaOH at atmospheric pressure. This approach has been demonstrated for a multitude of feedstocks including those with high FFA content without the need for neutralization or additional catalysts. Traditional chemical manufacturing processes heat the raw materials in large mixing tanks to temperatures in excess of 200C and pressures of 50 barg. By focusing energy and without the need for pressure vessels, boilers and mixing tanks, the scalable MEOP process reduces operating costs by 26 percent and capital costs by 50 percent. Initial studies have indicated its efficacy for advanced biofuel production. Applications for the oleo chemical and organic chemical industries are being developed and it is expected that significant cost efficient processes will be discovered.