Preparation of superhydrophobic coating films with a self-cleaning function

A. Jeong, J. Kim, C. Hwang, S. Ha, J. Yi, S. Kim, H. Jeong, H. Lee, Y. Ahn, J. Yun
Kyungnam University, KR

Keywords: superhydrophobic, coating, surface


Nanomaterials with a superhydrophobic surface have been developed. Surface with a superhydrophobic property has self-cleaning capability when raindrops falling down on its surface by collecting dusts during rolling, having a so-called lotus effect. In this study, superhydrophobic surface was prepared by making two polymer phases emulsion and one overcoat on the surface. Polymer was dissolved in solvent and coated on the substrate by dip coating or spin coating technique. Optimum condition was determined. Contact and sliding angles were determined using optical contact angle measurement device. Nanostructure was examined by optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy.