Modulating the Near Infrared Reflective Properties of Metal Oxides for Surface Coating Applications

M. Nidhin, S. Sangeetha, S. Radhika, K.J. Sreeram, B.U. Nair
Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR), IN

Keywords: metal oxides, nano particles, near-infrared radiation, surface coating


A colorant which is able to reflect a major portion of the near infrared radiation is today known as cool colorant. These colorants when coated on roof tops, automobiles, leather etc. reduce the demand for cooling power. To date, the inorganic class of these colorants is metal oxide based, as they perform the dual role of visual camouflage and reduction of heat build-up. Examples include Cr2O3, Fe2O3, rare earth manganese oxides, rare earth oxides doped with molybdenum etc.With nanocrystalline materials possessing interesting optical and fluorescent properties depending on size and shape, a two-fold approach to study the role of size and dopant on the near infrared reflective properties of metal oxide nanoparticles has been studied.In essence this study conclusively provides an insight to how near infrared properties can be conferred to metal oxides with colors such as brown, black, blue and green through appropriate doping and size control.