Wave Energy to Electricity at 3 Cents/kWh

D. Gray
Poseidon Energy Inc., US

Keywords: waves, energy, generator, electricity, cost-effective, simple


This patented invention is simple. Ocean waves move buoys which in turn drive a shaft, gearbox, and generator. For even and continuous electricity generation we have also added one-way clutch flywheels. Components are off-the-shelf and already proven in marine applications. The result is 3 cents/kWh electricity. Reasons for this surprising but straightforwardly logical result: 1. Similar, but far fewer, components as wind turbines (gearbox, generator, added a one-way clutch but we use cheap buoys instead of expensive turbine blades) 2. We eliminate 50% of other wind turbine costs (no tower structures and no tower foundations, this innovation floats right at water/energy level) 3. Waves are far more powerful than wind (orders of magnitude more power) 4. Waves are more consistent/reliable (far more kWhs produced vs. wind and solar) These units become invisible from shoreline at 3 miles out (unlike wind turbines). These systems submerge below water level during severe storms (no risk of damage). Markets: Island nations and rigs/platforms where energy is already 20+ cents/kWh. Emergency energy after disasters(Haiti, Japan...) Homeland Security Coastline Monitoring. 2+ billion people in coastal cities.