Yarn pull-out force of STF treated Kevlar fabric

N.H. Kwon. W.Y. Jeong, D.Y. Lim, E. Yoo, J. Kim
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, KR

Keywords: shear thickening fluid, pull out force, silica, polyethylene glycol


Many researchers have investigated on the correlation between the pull-out force and energy dissipation [1, 2]. From those investigations, the yarn pull-out force in a fabric is appeared to be related to the fabric’s capability as a flexible armor [3]. In this study a single yarn pull-out force of Kevlar fabrics with varying fabric densities and treated with a shear thickening fluid (STF) was examined to develop an advanced flexible armor material. Results showed that the yarn pull-out force was increased exceptionally with increasing fabric density and the STF treatment. The yarn pull-out force increased 1200% with only 34% of fabric weight increase.