Electrospun Silver Networks as Transparent Conductive Films

H-T Chen, H-L Ling, C. Kuo, I-G Chen
National Cheng Kung University, TW

Keywords: electrospun, transparent conductive films, nano wires


Transparent electrodes are currently dominated by indium tin oxide (ITO) films in spite of the high price of indium, brittleness of films, high temperature and high vacuum deposition process, which are restricting their applications. In this study, the preparation of transparent, conductive and uniform silver webs using a low-cost and scalable electro-spinning process is described. The conductive networks were formed at room temperature by energetic particles treatment of silver trifluoroacetate(CF3COOAg)doped poly(methyl- mechacrylate) (PMMA) composite electro-spun nano-fibers. Sheet resistance of these silver nano-fiber depositions were measured to be less than 500 ohm per square and the optical property revealed the transmittance as high as 80% in the visible wavelength. In addition, the polymer-based electrodes also exhibited excellent flexible stability, showing < 5% resistance change after over 100 bending cycles. The present results demonstrated a cost-effective/high-throughput fabrication and a promising alternative to ITO as the transparent electrodes.