Environmental Management for a regulatory commerce institution in rural sector in Colombia

A.J. Toro, G. Camargo
Universidad Libre, CO

Keywords: environmental management, impact environmental evaluation,


This research looked for the environmental management system impulse by chamber of Commerce (CCH) in a Honda, an intermediate city in Colombia. The CCH, work in the company legal register. This job was developed by Tecnoambiental (the environmental engineering’s research group) in Universidad Libre joined to CCH. The tools used for the formulation of environmental management system were ISO 14000 and EMAS (Eco-management and audit scheme). The methodology was structured by the environmental description aspect direct and indirect and the impact associated with the operational CCH activities, as was described in an early research by Dr. Luna Leopold. The final evaluation proposed a matrix analyze for generate a value for the impact’s importance and magnitude. The main results in this job were a Environmental management manual with the programs for mitigate the environmental impacts