Is one gyroscope enough?

M. Capovilla
STMicroelectronics, US

Keywords: MEMS, gyroscope, dual core, OIS


Market requirements push on small, lightweight portable device with advance feature for user interface, gesture recognition and camera features. New generation of portable device required gyroscope sensing capability for advanced gaming, high-performance motion detection, gesture recognition and optical image stabilization. Moreover, small size of digital cameras and mobile phones raise handshake effects (motion blur) that combined with higher megapixel sensor feature draw attention to image stabilization system to get sharper pictures and jitter free videos. Is one gyroscope enough? Nowadays the most of the portable devices are using two dedicated gyroscopes for OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and UI (User Interface), each one to address specific requirements. The market’s first dual-core gyroscope is capable of handling both user-motion recognition and camera image stabilization. With the innovative architecture of a dual core gyroscope, only a single device is needed for these two functionalities at the same time or separately. Space saving and reducing system complexity open new frontier in terms of the possibility to implement gaming, gesture recognition and image stabilization in ultra portable devices. The presentation will provide an overview of the new dual core gyroscope with a short introduction related to image stabilization.