Large Area ICP Atmospheric Nanocoating System for Deposition of YSZ Electrolyte

Y. Glukgoy, A. Ryaboy, T. Kerzhner
Nanocoating Plasma Systems Inc., US

Keywords: SOFC, ICP, electrolyte, YSZ, nanoparticle, deposition, Ni-YSZ anode


Main problem of manufacturing of the large area anode-supported SOFS is a pores-less deposition of YSZ on a porous Ni-YSZ anode. Thickness of electrolyte has to optimized to reduce ohmic losses and simultaneously ensure a gas tightness. We have developed a method of lateral deposition of YSZ and a focused ICP atmospheric torch as a tool for delivering of the nanoparticles and heat in vicinity of the pores of the substrate in order to reduce pinholes in the coating.