Nanotechnology systems for drug delivery, multi-modal targeting and imaging of tumors

M. Singh, A.R. Patel, E. Lim, N. Zhang, K. Francis, S. Safe
Florida A & M Univeristy, US

Keywords: dual channel spray drying, improved pharmacokinetic, molecular targeting and in-vivo imaging


Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths (1.6 million deaths annually) in USA. Despite recent advances in chemotherapy, the survival rates in lung cancer patients are unsatisfactory due to limited efficiency of systemic or oral chemotherapy and associated side effects. Oral administration of anti-cancer agents presents a series of advantages for patients. However, most of these agents are hydrophobic (poor water solubility) and associated with low bioavailability. To overcome this issue we have designed: 1) a unique customized spray gun which allows simultaneously/pulsatile flow of two different liquid systems through single nozzle. This modification allowed us to formulate enteric coated SEDDS (E-SEDDS) of anticancer agents for oral delivery by using SEDDS as one liquid system and enteric coating solution as second liquid system. 2) Tumor homing nanoparticle of bio-imaging agents (D-Luciferin) will target tumor and enhance the time duration of imaging.