Nano-Materials Technology at Cabot

T. Kodas
Cabot Corporation, US


This talk will provide an overview of the production technologies for nanomaterials at Cabot Corporation, nanomaterials products, and corresponding applications and markets. We employ a variety of gas and liquid phase particle production and modification technologies to produce a full range of products covering carbons, metal oxides, metals and composite and coated particles with both inorganic and organic phases. As an example, the gas phase particle production technologies include volatile feeds with gas phase flame reaction, spray feeds with both gas phase and intra-particle reaction in both thermal and flame systems and more complex approaches exploiting advanced feed chemistries. The liquid phase routes include sol-gel silica and specialized approaches for metals. Overall, these approaches provide particles with sizes ranging from the nanometer to the micrometer range and morphologies ranging from spheres to aggregates to plates to other geometries. The process technologies inherently or along with subsequent processing provide the controlled surface chemistries necessary for advanced applications. Because of the tremendous diversity of particle characteristics, our products are used in a broad range of applications relying on electrical and thermal conductivity, color, optical transparency, structure, uv resistance, low permeability, low temperature sinterability, and many other characteristics. These characteristics along with advanced formulations allow innovative solutions to a range of important customer problems in a variety of markets. The talk will highlight a few key examples with focus on the Energy space.