Flexible Graphene Transistors via Printing Transfer

T.-C. Chang, H.-S. Suh, S. Mikael, J.-H. Seo, P.F. Nealey, Z. Ma
University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

Keywords: graphene, flexible, printing, PET


Graphene is an atomic layer material with the characteristics of high mobility, high mechanical strength, transparency and low injection energy barrier with different work function metals. Good transparent electrodes and flexible graphene-based large scale touch screen have been demonstrated [1] and graphene devices with nickel patterned growth are also demonstrated [2]. However, due to the temperature limit of typical flexible substrates and the typical difficulties associated with small feature size lithography process on flexible substrates, it is very challenging to directly fabricate fine feature sized graphene transistors on flexible substrates. To overcome these challenges, we proposed an approach to fabricate fine feature sized graphene transistors on rigid substrates and transfer the fully fabricated transistors to flexible substrates via transfer printing. We demonstrated the successful transfer of array of monolayer graphene transistors with minimum feature size of 500nm with very high yield and the demonstrated approach can be easily scaled to wafer size