Nanostructured Materials for Thin Film Solid Li Batteries, Technology and Equipment for Fabrication and Testing

E. Shembel, V. Redko, T. Pastushkin, N. Klyui, V. Tutyk, A. Markevich, I. Maksuta, V. Khandetskyy
Enerize Corporation, US

Keywords: nano materials, thin film, battery, electrode, solid electrolyte, nanotechnology, equipment, non-destructive, non-contact, testing


Proprietary materials, method and equipment for production of thin layers of nano structured electrode materials and solid electrolytes for high energy lithium batteries with the predetermined structural, morphological and electrochemical properties have been developed. The method of deposition of thin films of solid electrolytes and electrodes must combine high rate of process, possibility to manage the properties of the deposited material during the process, and availability of the necessary equipment. Vapor deposition methods and apparatus based on gas discharge electron gun with cold cathode allow dramatically (8 times) increase the rate of deposition process of thin film electrode and thin film of vitreous solid electrolyte and LiPON solid electrolyte as compared with the magnetron sputtering process. At the same time, the nature of these method and device allows to manage the structure of solid electrolyte even under this high rate of the process. Fabricated thin film batteries feature good mechanical properties and good adhesion between components of the electrode structure. Special non-destructive electromagnetic, ultrasonic, holographic interferometry methods for testing thin film electrode, electrolyte and batteries have been developed. Enerize owns 10 US patents and patent applications connected with the presented technology.