Viscosity Behavior of Magnetic Nanoparticle Filled Fluids and Impact Resistance of Their Fabric Composites

S.G. Lee
Chungnam National University, KR

Keywords: ferromagnetic fluid (FMF), magneto-rheological fluid (MRF), viscosity, impact test, composite


Ferromagnetic fluid(FMF) and magneto-rheological fluid(MRF) have been prepared from iron oxide and iron alloy nanoparticles, respectively, with a proper fluidic medium. In the FMF, chemically synthesized iron oxide particles having diameters of several nanometers were used, while mechanically milled iron alloy particles having several hundred nanometers were used in the MRF. They can be applied to the various fields such as a damper of the braking system and impact resistant materials. The FMF and MRF show the Newtonian fluidic behavior which has isotropic properties without magnetic field, but when the magnetic field applied, they may show the Bingham fluidic behavior which has anisotropic properties. Therefore, a unique impact resistant material can be prepared by utilizing these viscosity behaviors of the fluids under magnetic field. In this study, viscosity behaviors of the FMF and MRF were investigated with a magneto-rheometer and impact resistance of the fabric composites treated with the FMF and MRF were tested and evaluated.