Multimedia Environmental Distribution of Nanomaterials

H.H. Liu, Y. Cohen
University of California, Los Angeles, US

Keywords: nanomaterial, fate and transport, multimedia environment, model


In the present study, a generalized model of the multimedia environmental distribution of engineered nanomaterial is developed via multimedia fate and transport modeling to estimate potential exposure levels in various environmental compartments. In this model, the multimedia environment is considered as a collection of environmental compartments (e.g. atmosphere, water, soil, sediment), with each compartment treated as either well-mixed (e.g. atmosphere, water), or non-uniform compartments (e.g. soil, sediment). Fundamental intermedia transport processes (e.g. dry deposition, rain scavenging, resuspension) are used to link various compartments. A user defines the modeling scenario in the web-based GUI by specifying properties of the eNM, geographical and meteorological parameters, transport process parameters, and source release estimates. The model calculates the dynamic change of mass in each environmental compartments, and displays the results within the GUI in real-time. This tool can potentially assist regulators, industrial, and academic users in rapidly assessing the possible environmental implication based on realistic estimation of regional and release parameters as well as conducting “what-if” type of scenarios.