Micro-Assembly Platform for Developing In-Vivo Biosensor Devices

A. Malima, A.A. Busnaina
Northeastern University, US

Keywords: assembly, manipulation, motion control and vision


We present a custom-built biosensor micro- and nano-assembly platform for assembling a micron-scale in-vivo nanobiosensor devices. Performing directed assembly of nanoparticles on to the surface of a 0.07 mm x 0.07 mm microchip is a very challenging problem. Complexities arise from assembling micro-components of different materials, and assembling antibody functionalized nanoparticles into their predetermined nanoscale trenches on the biosensor device. Presented in this work is the designed platform that merge vision information with motion control efficiently, so that precise manipulation of the stages and microscopes facilitates the assembly process of the in-vivo biosensor. Along with Biosensor Microassembly Platform system design and automation, we present conventional micro and nanofabrication processes of the biosensor microchips, and site specific electric field assisted directed assembly of antibody functionalized nanoparticles. We demonstrate manipulation assembly of in-vivo biosensors that have numerous applications for point-of-care, rapid testing and health screening in biomedical and health industry. Initial testing results of this biosensor platform indicate that they not only have very high selectivity and specificity for biomarker detection, but also exhibit 2-3 orders of magnitude increments in the detection efficiency laying the foundation for possible early-detection of various diseases.