Milling Process Control with Dimensional Feedback on a Focused Ion Beam - Scanning Electron Microscope System (FIB-SEM)

J.E. Sanabia
Raith USA, Inc., US

Keywords: FIB, SEM, FIB-SEM, FIB/SEM, nanofabrication, metrology, milling, pattern, lithography


In nanofabrication and nanoanalysis, focused ion beam – scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) systems are increasingly used for demanding patterning tasks which rely on precise pattern placement and/or dimension control. Easily verifying and correcting for patterning accuracy during the FIB milling process in an automated fashion has previously not been possible. Here we present the use of a dedicated lithography platform on a commercially available FIB-SEM system for controlling the critical dimension during a FIB milling process. This has been achieved by controlling FIB-SEM system’s stage, the ion optics, and the electron optics through a single software interface.