Rapid Raman Quality Analysis of CVD Graphene Directly on Growth Substrates

M.R. Monville, A. Rzhevskii, S. Banerjee, K. Strobl
CVD Equipment Corporation, US

Keywords: CVD, graphene, Raman spectroscopy, quality control


Quality of graphene grown by using a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process is typically reported in the literature only after the catalyst substrate material has been removed through chemical etching followed by transfer of the resulting graphene onto another, typically Raman signal enhancing substrate. Such a transfer process usually takes many hours of time and reduces the quality of a given CVD graphene film, making it more difficult to get reliable quality information of a given CVD graphene synthesis process run. Therefore it is desirable to find a way to analyze the type and quality of a CVD graphene film directly on its growth substrate. In this paper we report that Raman signals of CVD graphene can now be acquired and analyzed directly at multiple locations on the original growth substrate, thus significantly accelerating, simplifying and improving the accuracy of respective graphene quality analysis.