Evaluating Engineered Nanomaterial Life Cycle and Environmental Risk Using a Comprehensive Environmental Assessment

D.R. Johnson, C. Griggs, C.A. Weiss Jr, M.A. Chappell, A. Poda, A. Bednar, A.J. Kennedy, V. Boddu, M.E. Bates, J.A. Steevens
US Army Engineer Research & Development Center, US

Keywords: comprehensive environmental assessment, life cycle analysis, environmental risk assessment, environmental fate, effects, decision analysis


A comprehensive environmental assessment approach--which combines the principles of life cycle analyses and ecological risk assessments--is being promoted as a useful tool to give a more complete understanding of the fate, exposure, and effects of nanomaterials and nanocomposites in different environmental settings. When run in conjunction with decision analysis tools to prioritize future research, the use of the CEA approach will improve nanomaterial development, management, and regulatory compliance prior to unforeseen adverse environmental, health, and safety events that could dramatically impact the use of these revolutionary, ground-breaking technologies.