Synthesis, Characterisation and Catalytic Studies Copper Substituted Nickel Zinc Ferrite Nano Powders

P. Douglas Sanasi, D. Santhi Priya, P. Nageswara Rao
Andhra University, IN

Keywords: synthesis, characterisation, nanoferrites, catalytic study


Studies of Ferro spinels have received considerable attention in recent years owing to their versatile applicability. These spinels have been conveniently tried as catalysts in some important reactions. It is known that mixed 3d transition metal oxides are more active than simple oxides. Thus mixed 3d transition metal oxides with spinel structure act as catalysts and they offer an advantage of increased catalytic activity. Hence, studies on Copper Substituted Nickel Zinc Ferrite Nano powders were carried out. A series of Copper substituted Nickel Zinc ferrites with the general formula CuxNiyZn1-x-yFeIII2O4 (x or y = 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4) were prepared by a soft chemical method i.e. citrate precursor method. The catalysts were characterized by XRD, FTIR, SEM and BET surface area measurement and used as heterogeneous catalysts for the acetylation reactions. Efficient and selective acetylation of various amines were carried out over the selected nanoferrites by using acetic anhydride or acetyl chloride as the acetylating agent at room temperature and under solvent free conditions. This method is fast, high yielding, clean, safe, cost effective and very suitable for Practical Organic Synthesis. The catalysts can be regenerated and reused without loss of catalytic activity.